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Training programs

DevOps is a smart combination of concepts, practices and tools that has found increased acceptance in corporate businesses the world over, due to its proven ability to deliver applications and services at super- high velocities.DevOps engineers who are well versed in the use of several DevOps tools and technologies are highly sought after, as they can bridge the gap between development and operations, and work on evolving and improving products at a quicker pace than ever before.

This advanced course offers value to all those who wish to work in a DevOps environment. You will effectively learn the use of DevOps tools and be able to leverage best practices and principles to get excellent outcomes. You will understand the best ways to implement DevOps, and how to derive maximum value from this methodology.



DevOps Training for Beginners

DevOps helps to increases an organization's speed to deliver applications and services.

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Advanced DevOps Training

DevOps is a smart combination of concepts, practices and tools that has found increased acceptance.

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Chef/Puppet/Ansible Training

You will learn skills related to Puppet Administration, Puppet Deployment and Automation of Processes.

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Online Trainings

By keeping the latest trend of the DevOps market in the mind its designed to make you a self learner in DevOps world using online training.

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Weekend Trainings

DevOps Training helps you master Configuration Management, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery.

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Interview Readiness

Provides sellers with advanced-level skills that allow them to know when and how to leverage insights in strategic dialogues with customers.

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